Beauty Hacks every WOMAN should know

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  1. If you're short on time or beauty supplies, use lipstick to add some color to your eyes, lips and cheeks. Just blend it in so the glow is subtle.
  2. Have no energy to take your makeup off at night? Keep some makeup remover on your nightstand. Removing your makeup prevents infections and breakouts, so turn to this extra stash in a pinch.
  3. Having a battle with fly-away hair? For fine hair, spray a little hairspray on a toothbrush (one you don't use to brush your teeth, of course!) to tame fly-aways along the hair line. For coarse or thick hair, spray hairspray directly on the fly-aways and smooth it with a toothbrush.
  4. Does your lipstick not last all day? Apply lipstick and then hold a tissue over your lips. Lightly dust translucent powder over the tissue.
  5. Have you had enough with frizzy hair? After a shower, grab an old but soft tee. Then, pat—don't rub—hair dry. This method will help prevent the breakage and frizz you can get after towel drying.
  6. Is you mascara dried out? Revive dried mascara with a few drops of contact lenses saline solution. Just toss the mascara if it's more than three months old; otherwise, you may get an eye infection.
  7. Headed out after work but no time to redo your makeup? Spritz on a face mist. It will help absorb any cakey-looking concealer or foundation. You'll be left with skin that appears fresh and dewy.
  8. Are you out of makeup remover? One of coconut oils many uses is that it can remove cosmetics. Put some on a cotton pad. Wipe over makeup
  9. Green tea- In addition to being great when it comes to detoxification, green tea is excellent for skin care. This tea eliminates redness and swelling and helps to remove dark circles.
  10. Long lasting waves- If you don’t want straight hair, but don’t have time to go to the hairdresser and everything you have on hand is the hair straightener – don’t worry. All you need is to make some braids, and then press the hair straightener over them. Spread the braids and here is the hairstyle!
  11. Mascara is the perfect eyeliner – You go to work and you realize that you have spent eyeliner. Don’t worry, if you have mascara you can solve the problem! If you have an eyeliner brush, simply grab a little mascara and apply above the eyelashes.
  12. Long lasting perfume- If you want to keep the fragrance of perfumes longer on the skin it is necessary to apply it immediately after the shower as the humidity of the body will help in this.
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GLADYATOR: Meet the twins making a mark in the sustainable fashion field.

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Gladyators_ Aqsa and Tuba Sajjad (1).png

In a time where Climate change is being debated upon, there is a company which takes the most used thing, and makes it safe for the environment, your clothes. Coral Doe was started in 2018 by Aqsa and Tuba Sajjad to make comfortable clothing that is sustainable and ethical. They intend to be 100% sustainable by the end of 2023 and are working well towards it.

The company and the team intends to go a step beyond and create awareness among its users about the need of the hour, sustainable fashion.

We spoke to Aqsa, Coral Doe’s co-founder, and here is her take on being an Entrepreneur and her aspirations.

WhatsApp Image 2020-02-03 at 4.56.40 PM.jpeg

  • Please tell us what being a business owner means to you and why you became an entrepreneur in the first place?

For me, it's about getting to do something I love every single day. It may sound cliche but as a person who suffered from depression, anxiety, and mental health issues, it was very important to my well being to have a reason to wake up and work hard every single day. Coral Doe has brought meaning to my life and has given me something to work for.

Plus, the thought of working for someone else's dream has always been suffocating. It only made sense to become an entrepreneur.


  • What or who has been your greatest influence in business and why?

Gary Vee. He's a huge motivation and encourages you to focus on all aspects of your life: professional, personal, and all others.

  • What would you say is your greatest professional accomplishment to date?

Growing my business to 2000+ customers in under a year has been the most rewarding experience. Sometimes, I truly can't believe we did this.

  • What’s the best advice you have received in business that you wish to pass on to our readers?

I read somewhere: These 5AMs will make you a legend one day.

This has stuck with me since the day I read it. But it's important to take it with a grain of salt. Sometimes, hard work and waking up at 5AM isn't the way to go about it. Sometimes, you have to work smart rather than hard. Also, another good advice is to keep at it and to try to sustain your business in every way if it's something you love. But also to know when to quit. Not all businesses are sustainable and the world isn't ready for every idea yet.

  • What has been the most effective marketing initiatives or programs you have used to promote your business?

Word of mouth is always the best way to market your brand. Instagram content and ads have also been great for us.

  • What one thing have you learned as a small business owner that has served you well.

Every sale and every customer matters, as a small business owner. It's always lovely to see customers going out of their way to support, review, and comment.

  • Are there any resources or tools you’d like to share with other small business owners that have helped you run your business? If yes, please describe.

Gary Vee's videos are a brilliant resource.

Any tool that'll keep your finances organized is important. Invest in a good accounting software. Finances are everything.

  • Have you faced any failures? How did you overcome that failure and what did you learn from it?

Everyone faces failure. You either learn from it or you go backwards.

  • What do you do for fun/relaxation?

I go to the gym and I read a lot of books. When you have your own business, it's hard to draw boundaries with work. Work never stops. It's always important to force yourself to take a break from work.

  • What is the Number One Business Goal you plan to accomplish over the next year?

Expanding into new markets.

Learning more and more business literature.

Diving deeper into sustainable manufacturing and trying to move other brands towards it too.

  • If you were to give an advice to a 16 year old you, what would you say?

Find a supportive circle of friends. Invest in people and friendships. It'll go a long way in life.

  • How can I be a good leader?

Put your team first. And lead with compassion.


  • The last question, what keeps you up at night?

The thought that maybe I should be doing more and working harder (Not a healthy thought at all. I always have to remind myself to give myself credit)

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Lessons Learnt During My Internship With Michael

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Before I go on and on about why the one month I spent in the office of Michael E. Mitscher will go down as the best time I've ever had in my life, I want to introduce Michael and the team. I want to list down a few things I learned as I worked with this dynamic team for the best 30 days of my life, most of it passed down directly from Michael.

No alt text provided for this image

From left: Jamey Loux, Emma, Jill, Alex and Michael

  1. Network like your life depends on it: Many people you encounter are approachable, but they are waiting for you to take the first step. Do not miss this chance.

At a networking event, everyone is there for the same purpose: networking. So why not greet with a couple of strangers within the room? Why not tell them what you’re working on and learn what they are doing so as to ascertain if you'll be of help to each other? When you do this repeatedly you increase your chances to meet someone interesting. With practice, talking to others becomes comfortable; and that there’s nothing to be scared of at the end.

2. Find what you're really passionate about and let the culture drive down: I also learned that a corporation must be driven by values, they're the guiding principles for how work should be done or which decisions to require . They’ll not only drive your actions but also the actions of your team.

Michael once told me that his first employees must embrace the values of the corporate . Thus, his employees wouldn’t have to be told exactly what to try  and the way to try to do it. albeit the startup fails, the team will learn from this experience and therefore the values they shared will help them to stay going. 

3. Go out of your comfort zone to get rid of your pre-conceived notions: When you go away from everything you know, you make your own experience and go over your prejudices.

When I arrived in Oklahoma, I went out of my comfort zone. I had never visited the United States and the culture was different to the culture I am exposed to. Lots of things were new to me. When you’re as far from everything familiar, well you better be humble, because you’ll learn a lot.

4. Be Transparent: You have to be transparent with your customers, your co-workers and yourself if you want to succeed both in your business and in life. The three steps to crisis management: 1)Find the problem 2) Acknowledge the problem 3) Always try to go further than just solving his problem.

5. It's all about sharing: Give without counting to others and you’ll receive much more. Michael resonated with the fact that leadership is all about sharing. The leader is not the one that only tells the others what to do, he’s the one that empowers them to become great leaders too. He has to teach and help them to develop their capabilities.

With the professional advice, came the fun filled days, almost immediately. It would be a long list if I were to thank Michael and the team for having made me feel so welcomed, however short the stay was.

I'd still tell you that Emma would be the first one to help you with warm clothes, because you did not think Oklahoma would get that cold (-5 degrees on most of the days), Jill would be the first one to try your Indian cooking (even when it is spicy, even for Indian standards), Alex would try all the sodas that were available and tell you which one you could try, Jamie would be the perfect food partner who'd eat a level 4 Thai Green curry with you, his eyes watering throughout and Michael would be the father figure who'd help you grow, while making sure you gain at-least 10 pounds when you leave Oklahoma.

I was fortunate enough to be a part of this amazing family at the office of Michael E. Mitscher.

No alt text provided for this image

Signing off,

Puja Arti


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15 Indian brands making the cosiest sleepwear that you might not know about (But should!)

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Sleepwear Brands in India

2020 has undoubedtly been the year of staying in. With the only exception of having to put on ‘real clothes’ for running errands or attending virtual work meetings, we’ve all been lounging in our pyjamas all day & night long. 

We’re sure no one had neither anticipated this current situation nor imagined the extent to which we’d be using our sleepwear. But here we all are. And it’s best that we make the most of it. Besides, there’s nothing more comfier than a set of pj’s to wear. Are we right or are we right? 

So, we at Team Glo went on a virtual treasure hunt to find you the best sleepwear out there. And boy, did we hit the jackpot with what we found. Whether you are just looking to expand the limited loungewear options in your wardrobe or are a die-hard sleepwear enthusiast, this curated list has something for everyone. Here are 15 Indian brands making super chic sleepwear that you can shop online. 

The Calm Collective

One look at The Calm Collective and you’ll agree with us that they stay  true to their name. Everything from the soothing colours to the soft fabrics and minimal prints of their sleepwear will evoke a sense of calm in you. 

Night Angels by PC

Looking for PJ sets with quirky prints? Then look no further as Night Angels by PC has you covered. From doughnuts, unicorns, pandas to avocados, this brand makes PJs in prints which are both cutesy and fun. And with the likes of Aditi Rao Hydari and Dolly Singh wearing their stuff, we bet you’d want a Pj set from them pronto.


From classic Pj sets to robes, nightdresses, sleepshirts and more, Koaala is your one-stop-shop for all your sleep & loungewear needs. We especially love their Kimono style PJ sets amongst other things. Also, some of their stuff is on sale right now aka the perfect time to stock up on what you need!

Spring Diaries

Shraddha Ponnappa and Megha Poddar’s brand Spring Diaries has the cutest capsule collection of home wear. Laid-back and minimal, their designs are easy to wear and lounge in.

After Dark

Proud promoters of #MakeInIndia, After Dark is a slow fashion brand making their premium pieces using only Indian fabrics and trimmings. If you love dainty embroidery, accents of lace, feminine silhouettes & luxurious fabrics like satin, then this brand is made for you. 


Founded by Akriti Kochar, Perch is making the art of relaxing super chic. From PJs in minimal prints to bright bold colours and patterns, this brand has something for everyone. And might we add, their pieces are made using 100% organic cotton poplin. This is great both for your skin and the environment.


This bespoke Indian sleepwear brand is the brainchild of entrepreneur Samyutktha Nair. Their pieces are entirely handmade and without a doubt incredibly stylish. Made in 100% cotton poplin with unique prints and fresh colours,  there is nothing not to fall in love with at Dandelion. 


If you’ve had the hardest time finding beautiful sleepwear made in silk, then check out Cat Nap & thank us later. While their USP is pieces made with the finest silks, do check out their cotton sleepwear in vibrant prints as well. 

Mystere Paris

Mystere Paris is dedicated to making everyone who is lounging about to look super cool. With an exhaustive range of comfy shorts, fun pyjamas, cute Pj sets & more, this young brand gets a big thumbs up from us.


We were pleasantly surprised when we found that this ethnic wear brand from Rajasthan launched their very own nightwear line. Though their range is small, each piece is delightfully unique. Their fabrics are custom made using the traditional hand-block printing technique and needless to say oh-so cool.

Little West Street

This adorable brand was born in New york in 2015 when founder Samridhi Ganeriwalla had a difficult experience shopping for her first child. Although they are primarily into kids products, they have the cutest section of nightwear and Pj sets for adults as well. What’s best? If you have kids, you can twin with them in matching nightwear!

The Initial Studio

The Initial Studio as their name suggests are all about personalizing your things with your initials. Yes, nightwear included. Now that you know, go get your custom PJs right away.


Care for a comfy snuggle and a good nap? Then head to de-nap for all your loungewear needs. Born with the belief that nightwear shouldn’t be restricted to ratty old tees or worn out kurtas, this brand has their heart in the right place. 


With relaxed silhouettes and a modern Indian vibe, Unidraa’s loungewear is a sight for sore eyes. Our favourites are their night suits, both in subtle prints and solid colours. In fact if styled the right way, one could even wear them outside. Who’s up for the challenge?

Kessa is another contemporary ethnic wear brand who launched their own loungewear line. With western silhouettes and Indian prints, their pieces scream comfort. We especially love their shorts sets, they are way too adorable to ignore. 

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The Ultimate Guide to thrift shopping (Including a list of our favourite online thrift stores!)

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The Ultimate Guide to Thrift Shopping


In a world of fast fashion, where trends change before you can own them, thrift shopping has now been gaining more popularity than ever - and for all the right reasons. It’s sustainable, it’s reasonable and quite frankly it’s so in alignment with this massive wave of being able to express oneself freely. 

What is thrifting? 

What if I told you that you could own a barely-worn-almost-brand-new jacket for 1/10th of its original price and the only condition applicable is to wait for a couple of months (or weeks even) after the release of its collection. Sounds impossible? It’s not. Stay with me. 

If I had to categorize shoppers in a rather barbaric way, there would be those who wear one pair of jeans for years till it completely rips and its hanging ruins can further be sewed up into a baby’s frock or a denim skirt but on the other end of this spectrum, would be those riding the wave of fast fashion, wearing a piece of clothing not more than twice or thrice till it runs out of style and then toss it in the trash for what's “in” this season. 

Where do these rejected clothes go? 

Sure, a small percentage of them are either donated or sent to thrift stores for resale. But most of these are just tiny dots accumulating to increase one’s carbon footprint and to put it in the least aggressive way possible - destroy the planet. 

Enter: Thrift stores. A great blend of fashion and sustainability allows you to experiment with clothing and in a way, decrease your carbon footprint while doing so. 

If you haven’t stepped on the thrifting bandwagon yet, you’re probably going to at least consider it by the end of this read.

12 Reasons you should switch to thrift shopping: 

*Cue one man’s trash is another man’s treasure by Ima Robot*

i) Do It (For) Yourself - DIFY?

1. Thrift shops are great for your wallet...and wardrobe!

The most obvious advantage of thrifting is that they offer very low prices when compared to their retail counterparts. There's nothing that feels more rewarding than bagging a stunning secondhand jewel piece for a fraction of its original price. Despite being inexpensive, secondhand items are often of better quality than some newer ones. If they’re durable enough to have been donated, they’re probably worth the buy.

Besides being bought for a song, thrift shop items are a great way to step up your wardrobe aesthetic. When you shop second hand, you’ll find a lot of these one-of-a-kind pieces that can be sported as statement outfits if you put some thought to it. Most of these items have a unique and vintage vibe that never truly run out of style. Besides, what better way to practice all those DIY outfit ideas you see on the internet than with a bunch of clothes that cost a few hundred rupees, right? 

2. You’ll stop accidentally “twinning” with people on the street

Purchase the newest winter looks from Zara or H&M and you’re bound to run into people wearing the exact same outfits. Thrift shops, on the other hand, have a very diverse assortment of clothing, which means you’re less likely to find yourself wearing the same sweater as your coworker.

3. Discover designer products at a fraction of its original price

You’d be surprised by the quality brands hidden underneath those messy piles at thrift stores. Although the trend of thrift/vintage shopping is relatively new in India, pay-by-the-pound thrift stores in the USA sell designer clothes worth $50-$90 for as low as $5!

4. Thrift Stores Make shopping for kids a whole lot easier

If you’re a parent, there’s no better way to dress your toddler than by going to a thrift store. Why? Kids grow out of their clothes in a span of months. This means that you’d probably find a whole bunch of kids’ clothes at thrift shops that are almost as good as new for just a few hundred rupees!

5. A trip down memory lane

Do you remember when the Backstreet Boys released their music video on VHS, or when Black Eyed Peas were all the rage? When you visit a thrift shop, you’ll find all such pop culture mementos that leave you reminiscing fond memories.

6. Genuine vintage items and a constantly changing collection 

You’re likely to find clothing made decades ago in thrift stores. Lucky for you, fashion is cyclical and designers often try to recreate looks from various eras. So if you’re lucky, you could get a hold of items that are or will come back into style eventually. 

Moreover, because thrift stores mostly operate on donations, you can expect to see completely different items at your local thrift store week on week.

Sure, you’d want to avoid shirts with stretched out collars and sweaters that are practically falling apart, but in most cases, buying clothes second hand is advantageous because these pieces are prewashed and preshrunk. That means if something fits you in the store, you don’t have to worry about it turning a different size when you toss it in the laundry.

8. Find Unique Presents 

If you have friends who appreciate quirky thrift store finds, you can scan a local thrift shop in search of a great holiday present. Sometimes, you’d also find stuff at these shops that are no longer made. Iconic T-shirts from the ’80s, an out-of-print comic book - you take your pic. 

Unlike other retail stores, thrift shops don't have salesmen hounding you to buy something. In fact, most employees at these stores are volunteers and they don't care if you make a purchase at all. Besides, thrifting can be like a treasure hunt of sorts, because when you do find something you really like, paying a few bucks for a piece is almost like unlocking a treasure. 


ii) Do It For The Environment 

Thrift shopping has gained massive praise and popularity over the last decade or so because people are starting to realise the impact of fast fashion on the earth: A horror story. 

Why is thrifting the best option for our planet? 

1. Thrifting Lowers Your Carbon Footprint

 A lot of energy goes into manufacturing garments, right from the transportation of raw materials to its production. Then, there’s the energy required to get finished clothing to respective outlets and disposing of unwanted items. When you purchase clothes from a thrift store, you’re preventing wastage of all this energy and resource used in the manufacturing of new clothes.

2. The decrease in Landfill Waste

Most countries throw out anywhere between 40 to over 80 pounds of textile waste annually, and only about a fraction of this makes it to thrift stores. If more people start shopping for secondhand clothes, less fabric would end up being dumped in landfills. That’s not all. Packaging material reduces, keeping paper, metal and plastic out of the waste stream too.

3. It Reduces Chemical Pollution

Producing cotton is highly pesticide-intensive. It causes soil acidification and water contamination. Process of manufacturing textiles also involves the use of harmful dyes and crude oil by-products that are often dumped around manufacturing units, contaminating both surface and groundwater through soil runoff.

4. Aids in Water Preservation 

In addition to energy, even water consumption is awfully high at all stages of garment production. For instance, growing one kg of cotton requires around 5,300 gallons of water, while wet processing and printing use about 40 gallons altogether, per pound of cotton! Something to think about.

Thrifting is an integral part of green living, in multiple ways. When you buy second-hand items, you prevent them from being sent to a landfill and reduce a demand to manufacture as well. On the other hand, by donating unwanted clothes to consignment stores or thrift shops, you may also be encouraging others to make purchases of things they can actually use.


Thrift Vs Vintage Shopping

For many people, the clothes sold in the big brand stores just don’t tick all the boxes, and so two (main) different forms of seeking styles and varieties have thrived over the last couple of years for shopaholic and fashionistas to experiment and get crazy creative – vintage and second-hand shopping.

While both these generally mean buying clothes that have been worn by people in the past, they’re honestly very different from one and another and so are the buyers they cater to. 

The main motivator for a second-hand shopper is the very fact that they can pick up something for far less money than buying brand new clothes. Thrifting on eBay for example, allows you to pay far less for a second-hand pair of shoes or item of clothing, while still being able to find one that fits the current trends of fashion – so essentially, people don't even have to know it’s a second-hand purchase. 

But when it comes to vintage clothing, people want to flaunt that stuff. It’s like owning antique pieces of apparels or any other item that amplifies its value. Vintage pieces are rare and unlike second-hand thrift items, can also be very expensive. Think of it this way, a pair of Gucci shoes from last season would probably cost a lot cheaper than its store-bought price. But the first-ever made pair of Gucci shoes would be worthy of being placed in a museum and would probably cost a 100 times its original price. 

While the motivation of both these shoppers differs vastly, so do their sense of style. Thrift shopping means that you are likely to be looking for rather modern styles, similar to the things you would choose if you were to shop from current lines. But with vintage clothing, the decision to seek out and spend (huge money) on pieces of clothing and accessories is generally part of a bigger style statement. People might seek vintage as a hobby, to gather collectables or simply create/recreate cool and unusual looks by incorporating authentic pieces of clothing in their wardrobe.

How to find good thrift/vintage pieces

Despite dingy lighting and enormous piles of products, thrift stores are a true treasure for those who know where to look.

Tips to Thrift shop like a boss: 

Know your fabrics

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by huge racks of clothing, and closely looking at everything by pulling each and every item off the rack doesn’t make sense. If you want to be a thrift shopping pro, start assessing fabrics and prints first.  This way you can quickly filter out the crappy stuff by satisfying the touch and feel criteria and pull out only those pieces that interest you. If you’re shopping for quality or true vintage, look for the natural stuff like silks, wools, linen, 100% cotton and leather.  

Visit often (preferably right when the store opens)

Going often is crucial because the merchandise changes every day. And if you’re someone who likes shopping in peace and quiet without having to be worried about people eyeing your picks, going early in the day is more of a zen vibe without people constantly milling about around you.

Don’t forget to scan the men’s (and kid’s) section

Don’t shy away from other departments. Unlike regular stores, clothes in a thrift shop might not always be kept where they’re supposed to because people tend to hide or discard their finds on random shelves. Sometimes you can find higher-quality, oversized sweaters in the men’s section, and if you’re small, even spot some of the best dresses that are hidden in the kid’s section. Like I said earlier, thrifting is like a mini-treasure hunt. You can literally take your best friend along and make a whole day of it. 

Wear an outfit that is easy to take off or layer over.

Many thrift stores don’t have dressing rooms. This is intentional to prevent people from stealing. Even if they do have dressing rooms, they’re usually full. So save yourself some time (and multiple sighs) and wear something that allows you to layer over clothes. Leggings and a tank top are most ideal since they allow you to easily try on skirts, pants, kimonos and even sweatshirts on top of them. 

Try everything from the “yes” and even “maybe” piles

There are no two ways about it, you have to try everything you intend to buy in order to make sure it fits right. This would help you narrow down your selection even further – if the idea of trying something on is already pestering you, it’s probably a sign that you don’t really want it.

Don't forget to check the back

Unlike a typical retail outlet, thrift stores don’t exactly carry multiples of one item. Some of the best pieces may be hidden on shelves at the back of the store near the dressing rooms. Besides, these items are ones that have already been searched out and deemed valuable enough to (at least) try on. Just because they weren’t a good fit for the one who originally found them doesn’t mean they won’t be right for you.

Check and Re-check

Check every piece of clothing for loose threads, missing buttons, stains and other potential damages. Ensure that you turn the items inside out, too, for a full and final assessment. If it's an electronic purchase, plug it in to make sure it works. Even books must be scanned to check for missing or damaged pages. Make note of every damage before making a purchase. Would you be able to fix it? Would it be worth the cost?

Some of our favourite Thrift/Vintage online stores to check out (Based in India):

  1. Vrttvintage

Founded by:  Hanna StroÌmgren Khan, Diva Dhawan and Gabriella Demetriades



Best Known For: Recycles Luxury Fashion, vintage shoes and bags 

  1. The Salvage Story 

Founded by: Afifah Siddique


Best Known For: second-hand vintage, boho-inspired and hipster clothes

  1. Red Empress

Founded by: Asu Longkumer and Aesha Merchan, Mumbai


Best Known For: Colourful, vibrant, and intense garments

  1. Aima Vintage

Founded by: Pearl D’souza, Mumbai


Best Known For: 70s and 80s-style retro fashion - Bootcut trousers, psychedelic prints, disco collars and structured jackets

  1. The Local Vintage

Founded by: Sujala Newar


Best Known For: Camp collars, padded shoulders, and bright prints - all things the 80s and 90s 

  1. Lali Vintage

Founded by: Sumiran Chhetri 


Best Known For: Stylish, boho and chic shirts and skirts curated from hand-picked quality material

  1. Carol's Shop & Tea Room

Founded by: Carol Humtsoe, Nagaland


Best Known For: Pastel summer dresses and floral shirts and blouses

  1. Collections Reloved

Founded by: Nikita Almeida, Bangalore



Best Known For: Curated fashion items that are nearly new (sometimes brand new but never used) including handbags, clothes and accessories

  1. Ciceroni's Preloved Garage Sale

Founded by:  Neha Sheth, Ahmedabad 



Best Known For: Luxury brands and handloom saris

  1. Refash

Founded by: Akanksha Kaila Akashi



Best Known For: Upcycled fashion, quirky reworked denim jackets and kimonos made out of preloved saris and headbands made out of fabric scraps.

Apart from our personal favorites, here’s a list of incredible passion turned into Instagram Businesses that you can check out to go (online) thrift shopping and amp up your wardrobe: 

  1. Bodements
  2. Folkpants
  3. Retro Days
  4. Mirinwon
  5. Thriftology
  6. Aimee
  8. Panda Picked
  9. The Fine Finds
  10. IKMI
  11. Allure thrift closet
  12. Groovy fits
  13. Vintage Laundry
  14. Riri’s Handpicked
  15. Bottom Drawer Vintage
  16. Curated Findings
  17. Huckleberry Hangers
  18. Phirki
  19. The Local Thrift
  20. Dodo's Finds
  21. P O P P Y
  22. The Thrift Centre
  23. Ivy
  24. Copper Boom Vintage & Thrift
  25. Thrifted Vetements
  26.  Bitshop
  27. AllThingsPreloved
  28. Aima Vintage
  29. Ray's Thriftstore
  30. Luu liu
  31. 2XLOVED
  32. Coat Uncoat
  33. Relabel
  34. Shopwithloveee
  35. eli thrift
  36. Curated Findings
  37. Our.vestiary
  38. Vintage_thrift
  39. Mumbai thrifts
  40. Spend Thrift
  41. Mumu’s
  42. Thrift till you drop 
  43. Once upon a hanger
  44. Khakhalishop
  45. Irnona
  46. Epargne
  47. Carol’s Shop & Tea Room 
  48. Lammet
  49. Thrift Thurst
  50. The Sustainable Curator
  51. Thrift Mumbai
  52. Thrift19
  53. Bombay Pitaara
  54. Bombay Closet Cleanse
  55. your grandmom’s
  56. Nimbu Chai
  57. Like buy slay
  58. Thrift_it_cheap_Love
  59. Wear Agains
  60. Haul Please
  61. Thrift mom
  62. Scout out
  63. Thrift Machi
  64. Thrift turtle
  65. Dropshop
  66. Relove Booth 
  67. The thrift centre
  68. Thrift till u drop
  69. Thrift in Bangalore
  70. B E V Y
  71. Thrift it babes
  72. Stock pyl
  73. the_.thriftstore
  74. YANG™️
  75. original thrifter
  76. Assortments
  77. Alum attic
  78. The second divide
  79. The_two_thrifters
  80. Azure_finds
  81. Merakibyaudreeja
  82. Thriftedconsign
  83. Thrifted_tones
  84. Heart_it_vintage
  85. Hand thrifts
  86. Bombay Pitaara
  87. Thethriftavenuepune
  88. Thesustainablecurator

Let us know your favorite local thrift shops in the comments section below and we might just plug it in! :) 

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The only products you need while you are starting out with makeup

5 minute
Make up for Beginners


Do you feel a tad bit overwhelmed when you open your Instagram, watch a couple of makeup bloggers explain to you in 1-minute time-lapse videos how to ace a smokey-eyes for a girl’s night out, and before you can even remove your amateur brush, the video is over? If this sounds anything like you, chances are that you’re a beginner at caking with cosmetics but before you watch another “beginner makeup tutorial” that’s probably a promotional strategy, read this first. 

Let’s just start by acknowledging that there’s one of 3 things a makeup product would ideally do for you: 1. Accentuate an existing feature 2. Draw out a feature that you don’t have already 3. Brace your skin for another product’s application 

Although the first two are pretty obvious to most, the third has an element of skincare which makes it the most important of the three. More often than not, beginners who are new to makeup jump right into the first category: Makeup that accentuates your features (especially going overboard with their mascara and lipstick)

This might seem like the obvious thing to do if you're in a hurry or possess no knowledge of what goes on top of what. But this is the least advisable way to go about things- ask anyone in the makeup industry and they’ll tell you that you have to ace your base before progressing further. 

In fact, the ideal way to go on about selecting a set of makeup products is to start backwards from category 3 to 1. 

What products must a beginner invest in?

I cannot emphasise enough, the importance of a good base.

If you’ve just begun venturing into the world of makeup, it’s very normal to feel overwhelmed by the number of products in the makeup aisle. Any beginner would be puzzled by the fact that there’s a skin primer. There’s a lip primer. And then there’s an eye primer. (What even, right?) 

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. A good base comprises of 4 essential must-haves:

1. A Good Moisturizer

I can’t stress the importance of moisturizing your face before you start off with any kind of makeup application. Although the product doesn’t necessarily fall under cosmetics, it is the perfect base for your makeup. Not only is a moisturizer so very crucial to hydrate your skin, but it also makes sure your foundation and concealer blends into your skin like a dream. You’ll often find (especially with dry/combination skin) that your skin starts to get flaky if you directly apply foundation on it and that’s a makeup blunder you’re better off avoiding.

2. Primer 

If you want all of that makeup to stay put throughout the day, a primer works wonders. It creates a smooth and flawless base and also makes applying your foundation a whole lot easier. So, if you’re dealing with issues like large pores or redness, you can bank on your primer to take care of it all, giving you soft velvety skin and minimizing the appearance of pores. If you have never tried it, it’s about time you do because it makes a world of difference to how your makeup looks towards the end of the day.

3. Foundation

There’s only so much you can do to get a naturally flawless looking skin - the rest you can leave to your foundation. (Quote me if this isn’t a saying already) Then again, it's always hard to get this one product right when it comes to your makeup routine. Why? Because there are so many things to consider before making the right purchase. Does it sit well with your moisturiser? Does it give you the right coverage? Does this work for your skin type and undertone? 

If you’ve never applied foundation before, it is important to either test it (ideally on your jawline) before buying it. Better yet, head to a cosmetic store and let a makeup artist/connoisseur pick a shade that matches your complexion. 

What to know: Apply foundation using a damp beauty sponge to blend it in for a flawless finish!

4. Concealer

Your makeup stash would be truly incomplete without concealer in it. People often assume that concealer can be swapped with a foundation but both of these products serve very different purposes. Whether you wish to cover up blemishes or dark under-eye circles – your concealer works like a magic wand. Ideally, it is best to apply concealer after your foundation because if you do it the other way round, you’ll end up smearing it. If you don't want too much makeup on you and feel like going easy on the number of products you use, I would recommend you simply dab on some concealer on those uneven spots, ditch the foundation, and you’re good to go!

While it might seem tricky to find a concealer of perfect consistency and coverage, there are a lot of varieties available (even at drug store prices) for all skin types ranging from liquid, cream to powder or a stick concealer. 

What to know: For under-eyes, pick a shade that’s maybe a shade lighter than your natural skin tone (not any lesser). You don’t want those bright white rings under your eyes making you Halloween-ready. For your face, select a shade that exactly matches your foundation.

What’s next? 

Once your base makeup is in check, you can now move on to select a bunch of products to accentuate those eyes, lips and cheeks to bring in that oomph factor and step up your dress-up game. 

Start small. Start with the least number of (most essential) makeup products:

1. Blush

The oldest hack in the book and everyone’s go-to for an instant facelift up - say hello to your best friend on even the dullest days - AKA ze blush. The trick with blush is that you have to choose a colour that complements your skin tone. Something that’s too bright for your tone is likely to look loud and fake. Pick a shade that subtly adds colour to your face and seamlessly sculpts your cheeks. 

If you're a beginner, start off with a powder blush. For application, pick a rather fluffy brush that’s tapered along the sides. Remember to always apply your blush with a gentle hand, and use circular motions to blend out the colour. Blend a bit into your hairline, the tip of your nose, and your jawline for that natural-looking flush of colour!

2. Eyeshadow Palette (Optional)

As a beginner in the world of makeup, an eyeshadow palette might not be your go-to along with the other items on your starter pack - and that’s ok. Eye makeup is a rather complex affair and this one doesn’t necessarily have to be on the list. Nevertheless, if you choose to go with an eye shadow, a nude palette is all you need to begin with (at least till you’ve had a good amount of practice). All the colours on a nude eyeshadow palette are incredibly versatile and they help you create the perfect natural look that honestly never runs out of style.

3. Mascara

No “basic makeup essentials list” would be complete without mascara. Mascara is everyone’s absolute favourite makeup product of all time! It’s astonishing how one coat of mascara makes you look awake and fresh almost instantly. Even without the application of any other eye makeup products, such as eyeliner/eyeshadow, it enhances your eyes and gives a more fresh-faced appearance.

4. Lip Product (of your choice) 

And the last on this list of beginner makeup essentials has got to be something for your lips in a rather gorgeous, flattering shade that really finishes off the look perfectly. Select a lipstick/lipgloss in a shade that you personally feel you can pull off. One that makes you feel confident. If lipstick/lipgloss isn’t your thing, you could also try a tinted lip balm instead. They still look really natural, only with a hint of colour for that extra radiance. 

In order to help you find the best items for a beginner’s makeup kit, we have taken the liberty to curate a list of makeup products for you that are the some of most recommended/loved out there:

Budget: (Low-Medium) 

  1. Maybelline New York Volume Express Colossal Mascara
  2. Maybelline New York Hypercurl Mascara
  3. L'Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Longwear Foundation 
  4. Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte+Poreless Liquid Foundation
  5. Chambor Volumeyes Mascara
  6. L'Oreal Paris Base Magique Primer
  7. Lakme Absolute Under Cover Gel Face Primer
  8. Faces Ultime Pro Perfecting Primer
  9. Maybelline New York The Blushed Nudes Palette Eyeshadow
  10. Nykaa So Creme! Creamy Matte Lipstick
  11. Maybelline New York Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick 
  12. SUGAR Cosmetics Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick
  13. SUGAR Cosmetics Magic Wand Waterproof Concealer
  14. Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer
  15. Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Blush Duos
  16. . Maybelline Fit Me! Blush
  1. Lakme Face Sheer Blusher

Budget: High

  1. M.A.C Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation
  2. Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara
  3. Too Faced Damn Girl! Mascara
  4. Dermalogica Skinperfect Primer
  5. L'oreal Paris Magic Perfecting Base Face Primer
  6. Huda Beauty The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette
  7. Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick
  8. SEPHORA COLLECTION Profiling Beauty Cream Lip Stain
  9. L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Lipcolour
  10.  M.A.C Pro Longwear Concealer
  11. M.A.C Studio Fix 24-Hour Smooth Wear Concealer
  12. Bobbi Brown Blush
  13. Too Faced Natural Face Palette

Common Myths About Makeup 

Myth 1: You must discard your mascara only when it dries up

This is not entirely true. Mascara has a very short shelf life of about 3-4 months after its first use. It becomes a breeding ground for bacteria over time, causing dry eyelids or even an eye infection. So don’t wait for your mascara to dry up before you toss it in the trash!

Myth 2: It’s not necessary to remove your makeup before bed

As a rule of thumb, you must always remove your makeup with a mild cleanser/makeup remover before you go to bed. Leaving on makeup overnight causes pores to clog, causes skin dehydration and infections.  

Myth 3: It’s OK to apply waterproof mascara every day

If you’re sure not to get drenched in the rain, or get your eyelids wet somehow, then I would recommend you use a washable mascara for daily use. The effort it takes to get off waterproof products from your eyes and all the excessive rubbing could easily make your eyelashes weaker. 

Myth 4: Makeup is bad for your skin 

Honestly, not all makeup is bad for your skin. Or at least not as bad as Indian moms make it to be. Makeup can clog pores if you don't take enough care of your skiing, but when it comes to wrinkles, patchiness, or altering your skin type, makeup isn’t to be blamed. It’s all biology, environmental factors, smoking and stress that cause the latter. So if you’re worried about ruining your skin with makeup over time, disown that thought because it's one hundred per cent false.

Myth 5: Apply concealer before foundation

Quite the opposite, actually. It's recommended by makeup experts to apply foundation first, then hide other skin imperfections using your concealer. This way use as much product as you need, and your makeup will look more natural.

Myth 6: You should over-line your lips to make them look fuller

While this might work well in photoshoots, in real life over-contoured lips look quite unnatural. Any makeup that makes your face look artificial fails to serve its purpose. But there is a trick that does work. Take some light shiny eyeshadow or highlighter and dab it over your Cupid's bow. Apply some shiny lip gloss in the middle of your lower lip and thanks to the play of light, Voila! Hello, gorgeous lips.

Myth 7: Expensive makeup is better

Fact: The only difference between designer and drugstore makeup brands is the price. There are plenty of great drug store products available for people who aren’t inclined to sticking with high-end brands and these are just as good. You’re not necessarily paying for the quality, only the name. 

Now that you’re almost familiar with the do’s and don’t of makeup as a beginner, let's look at current makeup trends that you could try too. 

Makeup Trends That Went Viral In 2020

What “I did it for the Gram” looks like:

Too Much Blush?

A trend that really caught on was blush being used as an all-purpose makeup product - extended up to the temples and onto the eyelid for an ethereal, ultra-romantic look. You can try popping blush in pinks and corals and make a statement - go ahead and diffuse it into your eyeshadow too. 

The Animal Print EyeShadow

If you follow any Instagram makeup account, you couldn’t have possibly missed this one. Channel your inner Carole Baskin with this super creative look that takes your eye makeup to a whole different level! 

Note: If you’re a newbie still trying to figure out a basic eyeliner, you might have to give yourself some extra time to ace this one.

Neon EyeLids

Initially, this whole allover neon look on the feed was starting to get a little tiring. Then came in fresh, minimalist makeover with hints of neon and quite frankly, I was sold! Neon really brings out the colour of your eyes and makes for the coolest statement. 

The Floating Eyeliner

Every makeup blogger's current favourite obsession, the floating eyeliner look has honestly rescued people who can’t get their eyeliner right to perfect a simple stroke that even a newbie can ace. Good news ladies: It’s 2020 and your eyeliner doesn’t have to stick to your lash line anymore! Who knew? 

Subtle Lip Stains

Have you ever woken up one winter’s morning, washed your face with cold water and noticed how your lips turn all flush and red. The subtle lip stains look recreates something very similar. If you’re not one to go bold, you can try out this “barely-there” lip stain trend to give you a fresh and natural look. 

The Mismatched Eyeshadow Makeup Trend

If you’ve tried any other mismatch trend that the fashion industry had to offer before, chances are - you’re a risk-taker. Instead of sticking to one eyeshadow colour for both eyes, try a different shade on each eyelid. You can even choose to go bold and wear two shades that are completely opposite each other on the colour wheel like blue and orange or be a little bit more subtle by selecting two similar hues. 

Glass Skin Trend

This one’s got to be our personal favourite. The glass skin trend has been used on models for so long and has finally made its way to become a thing of the commoners, if I may. It’s basically slathering a mixture of moisturizers, cream highlighters, and oils to achieve glowing, glass-like skin and it looks utterly fabulous!


Your Daily Dose Of Beginner Makeup Inspiration

A list of Instagram influencers to follow for all things makeup: 

  1. Makeup by Nayanika
  2. Ishitta Chowdhary
  3. Hamsha Thavaseelan
  4. Isha Mahabal
  5. Makeup by Aishu
  6. Gurnaz
  7. Mathusha
  8. Valine Punamia
  9. Mrinali Gupta
  10. Simmy Goraya
  11. Neyha Verma
  12. Astha Talwar
  13. Rav Flora
  14. NIKKI
  15. Mouli Chakraborty
  16. Malaika Lunkad 
  17. Srishti S Bhatia
  18. Mayuri Varma
  19. Gurishq Kaur
  20. Aleena Rehman 

We hope this article unleashes the makeup guru hidden inside of you.

You GLO girl!

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8 Cool Jewellery Brands That We Can’t Stop Thinking About

4 minute
WhatsApp Image 2020-09-15 at 5.46.27 PM.jpeg

Good jewellery is a must in every woman’s wardrobe. Especially pieces that can be worn every day. It doesn’t matter if you choose to stack or layer a few pieces together or wear a piece on its own, just adding some jewellery to your outfit can elevate it instantly. We are also firm believers that one should invest in good quality jewellery. Stuff that you can wear for a long time and wear with  pretty much everything in your wardrobe.

So when we found these super cool homegrown jewellery brands, we were more than thrilled to share them with you. Scroll down to check them out.

  1. Unbaked

If you’ve been on the lookout for polymer clay jewellery then look no further as Unbaked has you sorted. Founded by Samriddhi Balasubramanium, every piece of jewellery at Unbaked is handcrafted with love and made in small batches. From minimal designs in pretty pastels to pop colours and the option of customisation, there is something for everyone at Unbaked.

  1. Hannan

Pearls, pretty stones and lots of hearts, this brand had us falling head over heels with their designs at the very first sight. Their pieces feel both minimal and statement worthy at the same time. And that’s something super rare to find.

  1. Myrha by Rhea Bothra

This brand from Jaipur is hitting all the right spots when it comes to jewellery. From link chains to quirky charms and name necklaces & bracelets, you’ll be spoilt for choice when you check them out.

  1. Eurumme

Pronounced ‘Yaw-rum’, this fashion jewellery label from Delhi was founded in 2015 by Eishita Puri. Their handcrafted designs are heavily influenced by geometric shapes which make them edgy, contemporary and timeless at the same time.

  1. Vie

Founded by sisters born into a family of ‘button makers’, Vie’s pieces are handmade from old, discarded and rejected buttons. Redesigning and upcycling is at the heart of everything that Vie does as a brand, thereby making it truly one-of-a-kind.

  1. Zariin

Loved and adorned by celebrities, editors and leading stylists, this award winning label had to be on our list. Their designs have a modern Indian feel to them and are without a doubt super chic.

  1. Olio

Founded by Aashna Singh and Sneha Saksena, Olio’s pieces are what we call modern heirlooms. With interesting little details, graphical elements and geometric patterns, their designs are very very unique. And we are sure that they’ll make anyone who adorns them stand out. 

  1. ShopLune 

Lune was established in 2012 by Sreesha Shetty, a Goan by heart and South Indian by roots. Their handmade pieces evoke a sense of effortless chic, thereby making them contemporary, timeless and super easy-to-wear.

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