Glo Community Guidelines To Write And Publish A Blog

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ilya-pavlov-wbXdGS_D17U-unsplash.jpg encourages active participation of written content by our users and hence acts as an open platform for first-time as well as experienced writers to communicate, share and follow useful, trending and thought-provoking content. Although there are no restrictions on topics you can write on, everytime you make a post, it undergoes a basic review to ensure that no forbidden content or use of slang is prevalent in any of the articles. But other than that, we welcome all genres of content in 3 popular formats - Blogs, Vlogs and Q&As. 

Everything you need to know about creating a Blog on 

I. Login to or sign up using google/facebook. Don’t worry, your information is safe with us and there will be no use of any personal information other than your full name and email ID for the purpose of signing up. 

II. You can change your username, bio and profile picture using the drop down bar on the top right corner using the ‘Edit Info’ option. 

III. Click on ‘Create’ on the navigation bar found right on top and choose ‘Create a Blog’ from the drop down menu. 

IV. Choose a suitable title and image for your article and after having written your masterpiece, click on Publish. 

Voila! Your blog is under review and will be up for readers to indulge in within 24 hours. 

Glo Community Guidelines to write a blog: 

  1. Word limit: 300-1000 words (1-3 minute read)
  2. Language/tone CANNOT be offensive, slang or oppose/promote any religion/race/caste/company
  3. Topics can be framed in adherence with any (or many) of the following tags:
  • Women
  • Health & Fitness
  • Menstruation
  • Entertainment
  • Awareness
  • Travel
  • DIY
  • Self-Help

PS. After signing up, once you start creating a blog, Make sure to add a Title, a Cover photo, and Text within the content and choose a tag(s) that best describes the category your blog belongs to as this is mandatory.

Please note: In order to rank higher on search, MAY choose to change the title of your published blog and would notify you of the same. The author and author details shall remain, under all circumstances, untouched.

If you have further questions, please feel free to write to us:

Some Tips That May Come in Handy: 

  1. A good blog image and title acts as an initial point of attraction and can make or break your audience pool. So make sure to use medium-high resolution images and a catchy title to grab a reader’s attention and compel him/her to click on your blog. 
  2. Interlink your blog articles when it makes sense. For example: If you have an article on “Tips to fight menstrual cramps” and another article titled “My first time experience using a menstrual cup”, both these articles can be interlinked by selecting a word > insert > link and pasting the URL of the complimentary blog you would like to interlink here. This way, your readers end up reading more than just the one article they initially intended to. 
  3. Post Often. Glo allows people to follow writers on our platform and the timely creation of articles will ensure you always stay on top of the game, in turn increasing the chances of attracting followers.

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