Weekly Tarotscopes by the Tarot Priestess(21st Sep- 27th Sep)

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Aries(March 21- April 20):

This is a period of loving generosity. You have to look at yourself to be aware of what encouragement and assistance others need from you. Many individuals often struggle in isolation with life 's issues, not attempting to tell someone of their worries. They do this because they believe it to be a weakness. This week you will have chances to help those who are suffering from this weakness. Try to behave in a way that is unassuming when offering aid and support, since this will reap the best rewards and be more appreciated by everyone you help.

You'll have an opportunity to demonstrate your leadership. There will be tough problems without any solutions, but now will be the moment to intervene and demonstrate your power. There won't be much of a competition, as all the rivals will back off from the mantle of your leadership, opting instead for a simpler, less challenging life.

Taurus(April 21- May 21)

There can be a period of deceit. This is a time to keep a watchful eye on individuals and events around you. Events are going to shift rapidly and you have to be aware of how you can deal with them. Look out for yourself, and be aware of what's happening. However, be careful not to be suspicious of everything, since this can lead to paranoia .Let your reason direct your actions . Don't let your impulses drive what you are doing as you can get frustrated and reckless about what's going on.

Now is a time to be completely independent. Don't depend on the guidance or support of others, as you may regret having done so at a later time.Be guided by your logical judgments and these will help you to master your path.The reality is out there and in order to discover it you have to use your analytical senses. The wolves working around you will be revealed by your intuition.

Gemini(May 22- June 21):

This is  celebration time. Many of your previous efforts will now be recognized for their successes. This can be succes at work or personal life. You will experience a period of extreme happiness. 

Now is the time to be joyful and celebrate with the unfolding events. This happiness and exuberance is not going to go unnoticed by others and they will be delighted for you and will want to share in your good fortunes. The past and its tribulations should be left behind, and now you should move forward with a new individual freedom. The earlier shackles will be removed, and any constraints you perceived before will no longer be experienced. 

Cancer(June 22- July 22):

This is a time of wish fulfillment. You have worked tirelessly to achieve your dreams and your wish have been manifested. Luck favours you at the moment, and since it does not happen too often,you must enjoy the feeling. Don't be a mere observer to what you have done, but be proud of what you have earned. 

This a period for you to celebrate the success,and be satisfied with what you have earned. If the feat is to be replicated in the future, this is necessary. Your body, mind and soul need to realise and learn about the experience, because it's no longer unfamiliar, and can be accomplished again. It's no fluke because many people, who became millionaires but lost their wealth, were able to win the millions back because they understood and replicated the process. And so it is that you encourage yourself to bask in the recent success and appreciate every aspect of it, for only then you can replicate it in the future.

Leo (July 23- August 23): 

It's a period of regret over past acts. We've all been through life where we didn't make the right choices. This is completely normal and everybody has the inclination to err in their life at least once.No matter how noble it is to feel a sense of remorse, we have to be vigilant not to make it snowball into a sense of guilty feeling. This is not good for it can only lead to a soul festering, and with this, a susceptibility to sickness and depression. It's fine to occasionally be harsh on yourself, but you still have to care about the present and your future success. That's the real and noble path ahead.

This will be an unpleasant time, and you have to protect against upsetting your mind about what ills could arise, as these ills can manifest themselves into more fear  Brooding on yourself is contagious to everything inside you . Fear is an illusion of the subconscious. When you find yourself slipping into intense ruminations, shake off your mind and concentrate on the present.

Virgo (August 24- September 22):

A fresh start, a new chapter of your life, is about to begin. You have hit the end of your current path, and you can no longer move ahead There is a new direction that glances at you and you should accept it  . At first, it won't be simple, and things will still feel odd and even awkward, and this is perfectly normal. When facing the unknown, we may always be fazed or daunted. However, this journey is a good one, because as you start to look for new horizons and get acquainted with them, you will feel them totally natural and you will be in accordance with your wishes and aspirations.

This is a period where you feel impulsive and daring.You have been letting rationale and logic dominate your fate for some time now, but now is the time to act on your intuition and pursue the unpredictable. This will help you travel the new horizons and eradicate any anxieties you may experience. Now is the time to be carefree.

Libra (September 23- October 23):

This is a very good card for your financial fortunes . Money would definitely not be a concern, because you may inherit some wealth or do extremely well in your business/profession due to which you will feel financially comfortable. This fortune would give you finances to do things that, which you couldn't do due to lack of resources.

The fortune that you receive should not be taken for granted and you would have to work hard to retain them. Focus on creating more wealth through investments and planning.

Scorpio (October 24- November 22):

This is a period to be confident about your thoughts and actions. It is not a time to sit back or be hesitant to take initiative. You have to convey your ideas to those around you, and they're going to listen you as you're going to be relied upon for leadership. Don't be afraid to move up to the stage and take control. Remain calm and bold which are essential for your success.

Confront the problems as it won't be insurmountable and it can be torn down like the weakest of walls. You can grab any opportunities out there just by taking  initiative, repulsing any pessimistic thoughts. Grapple with the challenges head on and dare to be courageous.

Sagittarius (November 23- December 21):

This is a time of  many choices in both your private life and your public life. You will have to continually make decisions as to which course will ultimately read to a prosperous life in the future. The several options that come before you which seem infinite, but you should be motivated by the future in your decision and not by the present, since there are a variety of hazards that may show themselves if you do not take the right decision.

You can become possessed by a wild imagination of the mind, and this is not good because this  whimsical, and rash excitement will also contribute to circumstances that are very awkward. The fancies that abound in you must be regulated and not get stuck in the quasi-reality that you carry with them. Keep your feet on the ground and try to come back to the real world. If you do this, then you will not lose attention on the real events that can have a positive effect on your life.

Capricorn( December 22- January 20):

The King of Pentacles implies you have to be reliable in both your private and public life.

People count on your help and you shouldn't shirk your responsibilty. If there is a problem in which others have to deal with, be there with them always and be the mountain on which they can rely upon.Your unfailing contribution to this generous cause will provide you and those around you with eternal satisfaction.

Look into possibilities where you can offer support to another venture.You could think about spending time in helping others get a business off the ground, or maybe even giving them investment to launch the venture. Regardless of the situation, helping them in their endeavours will yield long-term rewards for both you.

Aquarius(January 21-February 18):

You're going to experience massive upheaval. The Tower Card is a turbulent card and you can be faced with great surprises. Sudden shifts will abound and during this unpredictable period several plans will get derailed. There will be an unravelling of the past,  old rituals and behaviours and attitudes will trigger a tremendous change within you. You may believe that a great tragedy is unfolding in your life and that you have very little influence of the events that are unfolding.

But it does not present all the misery, chaos, and tragedy, since it can be the catalyst required for reality and revelation. The Tower Card gives you the perspective of the mind and the opportunity to see what has been concealed before. The Tower card strips  reveals the naked truth to you .No fantasies, dumb expectations and fancies come with this card, just the realism of what is and what isn't. It will be as if you are beginning to experience a realisation of your life, and this will give solutions to the turmoil  and offer new beginnings that you can expand on in the future.

Pisces(February 19- March 20):

Now is the time for you to let your creative abilities out and start taking charge of the venture you're actually working on. It is possible to crack the impasse that you have been feeling recently, but only if you expand your mind and move into new arenas of knowledge and constructive thoughts. It all starts from a concept, and you will grow and open up paths to success with this creative skill in you. If you're original, people will see this quality of your creative power within you, and new tactics and new projects will benefit from that potential. Not only can it favour you, but you'll also provide aid, support and aid to others. This aura of creativity around you will be noticed by people.

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